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Apple of His Eyes Testimonies



Note: Most of our widows and widowers do not speak English therefore we provided a short translation of their testimonies and appreciation. We have also given them mask names to protect their identities,

Testimonies - Congo DR.



Thank you for your support for me and my family. When my husband died, everything changed and I had thought I will be left alone forever. But now, I am truly grateful for all you have done to support me and my chidlren. May God continue to bless Apple of His Eyes Ministry. Thank you!



You have no idea how my life has changed since this ministry started supporting me and my family. I can now carry myself with dignity and pride in my community. I have food and tools to work on my farm. Thank you very much. God bless you.



Thank you for all the gifts and supports. I am grateful to God and to you. More of it in Jesus name.



Many things affect us and we are not close to the big cities like other villages where government programs reach. Most ministries do not want to come as far as our village.  We really appreciate you. Thank you so much. God bless you.



I appreciate the ministry of Apple of His Eyes for their gifts and support. How can I thank you enough, you remembered us when others abandoned us. My family is grateful to you and all your coordinators for coming to help and support us.



For the seed, farterlizer, and farm tools, I am so grateful. All of these fore me? Thank you, thank you so much. God bless you.



Your support has been helpful in many ways. I never thought anyone will remember us and provide us with the things we need for farming. Thank you for all your support. 



You have really helped me and my family. I now have food and seeds to grow on my farm. Thank you for the teaching and encouragement. I appreciate you.

Testimonies - Nigeria.



I am grateful for the support I received from the Apple of His Eyes ministry. I have been fending for myself and my children before I was introduced to this Apple of His Eyes Ministry. I am grateful that with their support my life is much better. I have the means to get the money I need to provide for myself and my children. Thank you.



As a single mother, life was difficult and without the resources needed to establish a means to provide for my children and me, it was so difficult. I thank God for the day I was introduced to this ministry. They changed my life and transformed my family. Now I have a small business from where I have money to pay for my children’s school fees and to feed them every day. I don’t have to beg my neighbors for stuff. Thank you for restoring my dignity and pride in the community 



I thank this ministry for supporting my business. I got in contact with them through my church. They provide spiritual and health talk to widows and support us with resources to start small businesses and learn skills. I am a benefactor of this ministry and my business is now going well after I got their support. I pray that God will continue to bless you.



When my husband died, everything changed quickly, and I was concerned about the welfare of my children as there was no help or assistance from our family members. I thank God for the Apple of His eyes ministry who came to my rescue. Now my children attend school, and I am able to provide for their upkeep. I am also a proud small business operator. Thank you.



I needed the money to start selling fruits and vegetables, but I could not find anyone to help me in my community as everyone has their own problems. I was glad when my friend introduced me to the Apple ministry and said that they can help me. Indeed they helped me. They talked to me, encouraged me, shared with me about taking care of myself and my children. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. 



Since I started receiving supports from Apple of His Eyes, I have been able to do many things without asking for handouts from my neighbors and friends. I now own a small business and I can send my children to school. Thank you, God bless you

Testimonies - Cameroon



I thank the Apple ministry. They are really nice and caring. I got food and farm supplies from them which have been so helpful. Thank you for your love and kindness to me and my children. 



Thank you for giving all these to me. I am grateful to the ministry and to God for remembering me. Thank you God bless you.



Thank you, all I want to say is thank you. Where will I start from? So many struggles and issues in my life. But now that I have my own seeds, food, and tools, I am sure my life will be better.



I did not believe it until the items came. I thought it will be like some others who had promised us and will not come back to give. I thank God for the women who provided all these for us. Thank you all.



I am so happy. I  have all I have been longing for. Food, clothes, seeds, and much more. My life is better than I used to be. Thank you.



I am so happy I was considered part of this group to be helped. Thank you. I also go what they gave everyone. I appreciate your ministry.  I pray that God will continue to bless all of you.



My friend told me about this ministry and when I came they embraced me. They showed me love and care, they also prayed for me. They gave me money, seeds, and farm tools. Thank you so much.



I ran from the farm to come and see what was going on in the village. When they saw me, they embraced me and gave me everything they gave others. They talked with me about my needs and they promised to come back. Thank you so much. 



Oh, I am so happy. Thank you for helping us. God will bless you.

Testimonies - Canada



When I found myself with three babies and without a husband and any support. The ministry came all out to help me. I was provided all my babies would need for many months. I was also introduced to other agencies and services that are available for me. Thank you for the gifts and supports. 



Thank you for reaching out to me and making the journey easy for me. I was glad when I met the founder and she supported me in many ways. Thanks.



I thank the ministry of Apple of his eyes for reaching out to me in the time of my greatest need. God bless you and all your supporters.



The ministry helps everyone and I am glad to be a part of those who benefited from their resourse. They were kind, loving, and caring. Thank you so much.



I don't know what I would have done if not for the minitry. I was down and out, but I met someone who introduced me to Apple of his eyes ministry and they took me in and provided me with counseling and all the resources I need to get back on my feet. Thank you.



How can I thank the ministry for the calls, visits, and provisions. They showed me great love and I am sure that they were God sent to me. I am grateful to their leader and all their coordinators.

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